Our ​Services

Air freight

All you need is NOW.


  • Our decades-long cooperation with leading global airlines allows us to have flight alloments throughout the year.

  • We have experiences team that handles all kinds of shipments, from Eletronics, Personal belongings, Household items to Perishable, Keep cool cargo and Dangerous goods in timely matters. 

  • Closely tracking connecting and follow up to keep you worry-free

Sea freight

The sea is unpredictable. Your delivery schedule should not be.


  • Our close connections with leading ocean carriers guarantees weekly departures from major ports and transport hubs.

  • We are licensed Non-vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC).

  • All-service including: FCL, LCL, Buyer Consolidation, Pick and Pack

  • Timely advise of shipping schedule

Trucking, Warehouse & Prepack service


Bring cross-border opportunities to you.


Our trucking network maximizes your shipping options:


  • Deliver shipment to and from major airports, ports ,bonded warehouses and transport hubs.

  • Offer cross-boarder trucking from Mainland China to Hong Kong, and vice versa, enabling your freight to be shipped from your preferred location.

  • Self packing where we provide all the materials for DG Cargo.

  • Customize packing of all types done by professionals.


However you would like to ship, leave the paperwork to the professional.


We provide all kinds services including:


  • Preparing customs declaration and customs documents.

  • Facilitating temporary import

  • Assisting in getting qualify documents for exporting and importing

  • Facilitating temporary import and export for concerts and exhibition shipments